A new look for an old favourite on Park St.

Updating the existing brand South Melbourne's Park Street Pasta & Wine.

Park Street Pasta and Wine is a South Melbourne institution – the food is always good, the service always friendly, the wine always delightful. Honestly – it’s all in the name!

PSPW approached us at the end of 2020 with a challenge: their brand was serving them well, but the pressures of the pandemic had changed what the brand needed to do, as it was forced to continually adapt to new conditions. Assuring PSPW that the existing brand had a lot of equity to retain was important – but what could we change, add, update or revisit that would maintain its existing character, while support them into a new phase of business growth?

PSPW Vertical Logo

Ultimately, the project was about creating a suite of logo alterations, making subtle changes to type styles, and big changes to colour through the brand palette. I worked closely with the original brand designer of PSPW, working through a number of logo alterations that would support the brand across a variety of primarily digital brand channels.
A refreshed colour palette, inspired by their former brand colours, was curated to breathe new life into the brand, and again support the brand across primarily digital and social channels. New business cards were one of our real “wow” pieces – something that spoke to the craft and materiality of the restaurant, which prides itself on handmade pasta (of course).

PrimaRy Colours

Secondary Colours [Original Palette]

PSPW Restyled Website

Lastly, the team – original designer, us, and their existing web developer – worked through an updated website that better promoted what PSPW had to offer, restyled to showcase their new brand facelift. ✴︎︎︎

PSPW Business Cards


Brand Refresh

Park St Pasta & Wine

South Melbourne, VIC



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