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A Box Hill icon:
Indochine and their Pham-ous Pho.

A complete brand refresh for a Vietnamese restaurant in Box Hill since 1991.

Proudly owned and operated by the Pham-Chu family, Indochine specialises in traditional Vietnamese dishes. Located in Box Hill, Victoria, Indochine is a 25 year old institution, and celebrates the rich regional culture of what was once the French colonised Indochine region – Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia Myanmar and Thailand.

Already a much celebrated restaurant with a loyal customer base, Indochine’s brand identity was truly in celebrating its culture. The owners realised though that there arose an opportunity to revitalise the identity while addressing the changing demands on hospitality businesses during the pandemic.

Indochine Menu Covers

Indochine Menu Pagination

Menu designs were realigned with some of the restaurants original 1990’s menu styles, and reintroduced some typographic styles from during Indochine’s opening years. This balance of old and new typographic styles added to the kitsch aesthetic and became central to messaging on social channels such as Instagram.

Indochine Menus

Indochine Website

We worked together on curating a vibrant visual identity – a look and feel that celebrated the kitsch, fun, and excitement of Vietnamese food and culture, and a look that would continue to tie together the existing interior space and older brand assets created over the restaurants 25 years.

This celebration of clashing colour became a central focus for the refreshed brand identity, and was paired with a contrasting grid–border visual language to bring some restraint in the roll out of brand assets. This visual language, paired with photography by Michael Pham, was rolled out across all digital channels to create a strong and authentic sense of the Indochine diner’s experience. ✴︎︎︎

Indochine Business Cards

Indochine Instagram Grid


Brand Refresh


Box Hill, VIC



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