Brand Identity

A refreshed brand look for an adult lung specialist.

Creating a new brand look for Dr. Amir Zangiabadi.

Dr. Amir Zangiabadi is a consultant respiratory physician and interventional pulminologist – which put simply, means he’s an adult lung specialist providing services across South-East Melbourne.

Although he was running a successful practice, Dr. Zangiabadi approached us in 2021 about building a new brand identity and website to create a sense of trust and friendliness with prospective patients who were looking for specialised respiratory services. 

We knew that in some ways we had to take a literal approach to the brand visual language – which is where we opted to create a simple but clear lung icon as the main brand mark – and we complimented this with a soft colour palette of greens and white.

Dr. A.Z. Primary Logo

The use of the lung icon is primarily to give patients an immediate understanding of what Dr. Zangiabadi’s specialty was: clarifying that he is a “lung specialist” visually was something we felt was important, since specialised medical services can sometimes feel overwhelming when specialised language is also used.
Additionally, clarity and simplicity of text-based messaging was also important in this brand identity, so we designed Dr. Zangiabadi’s website to provid clear and concise communications about his services and any additional resources for both patients and doctors alike. ✴︎︎︎ 

PrimaRy Colours

Dr. Amir Zangiabadi Website


Brand Identity

Dr. Amir Zangiabadi

Bayside, VIC



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