Case Study

Make friends who make wine: meet mine, Cornelis Ribbe.

Brand identity and ongoing wine labelling for Cor Ribbe Wines.

Cornelis Ribbe is a close friend who also happens to be a very talented winemaker. His wine label, Cor Ribbe Wines, makes small batch, ‘wine in residence’ at a vineyard in the Mornington Peninsula.

CRW Primary Logo

CRW Riesling Label

CRW Pinot Noir Label

CRW Chardonnay Label

Each grape varietal of Cor Ribbe Wine features a custom painted watercolour inspired by the profile of the wine. Each vintage is then altered, only slightly – a reference to the process of revisiting each varietal, editing the process, always evolving and learning and changing. ✴︎︎︎

CRW Chardonnay Bottle

Brand Identity

Cor Ribbe Wines

Mornington, VIC



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